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How To Successfully Pull Off A "Friends With Benefits" in UK in 2023?

Friends with benefits used to be a fairly touchy topic to explore. Nobody really wanted to admit that they were just in it for the sex and some good times. This was during a time when committing was much easier so not wanting to commit was a bit strange. Flashforward to today when people are far too busy to juggle a full time relationship and want to have somebody they can spend quality time with and also enjoy some intimacy. All that without needing to commit to something that one or both don’t have the time for. The thing is, people are still people and feelings do arise unexpectedly. Which complicates dating and a friends with benefits situation. Not to say there is a trick to doing this, but there are some things to keep in mind when you want to try a friends with benefits type of relationship…
A couple of friends with benefit in a casual sex match-up in UK during 2023

Benefits of casual relationships

  • More time for just you. In a casual relationship, the relationship is not the biggest priority in your life. As such, you have more time to focus on you and the things you need to be happy and take care of yourself.
  • Your life can be less complicated. Casual dating don’t require that time or maintenance. If you thrive off working through difficult situations with your partner, an occasional relationship is probably not the best fit for you.
  • You can explore non-monogamy. Both you and your partner may be seeing other people. This works if you want to keep your options open, or if you’re just looking to have some fun.
  • You can focus on the now. Casual relationships are not about building a future together. They’re focused on enjoying and appreciating what’s happening now.

  • Drawbacks of casual relationships

  • You may feel jealous. Since casual relationships can often be non-exclusive, there isn’t room for jealousy. If you’re the jealous type, casual relationships probably aren’t for you.
  • Your emotional needs may not be met. Casual relationships are not emotionally heavy. This is perfect if you don’t want to get your emotions involved, but it also means the other person isn’t investing their emotions in you.Most of the time, you are on your own.
  • Your feelings may not be reciprocated. One person may develop stronger feelings for the other in a casual relationship and sometimes one person can often end up with unrequited feelings.
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    Is a casual relationship right for you?

    Is a casual relationship right for you?

    Remember the “friends” part

    The FWB situation can’t be just about the sex. There should be mutual respect between you and a genuine need to spend some quality time together and to be there for each other as friends.

    This might sound like a partner, but there are no ties in which you are obligated to be monogamous. You don’t have to invite them to a wedding or introduce them to your parents. Or, even to your other friends.

    But, you should enjoy their company and know what makes them tick. A friends with benefits deal doesn’t mean that there is no affection required. It just means that you aren’t just a booty call.